Monday, November 23, 2009

Oh Boy...or should I say girl!

Once again Camille has proved her femininity!
As you probably know Camille has a love for all things SHOES. She's constantly raiding our shoe basket. If you come over she will tell you you need to take your shoes off. (Not because she's worried about the carpet but because she wants to try on your shoes!)

We went to get her some new Sunday shoes and there was NOTHING her size. However, I found the clearance section where there were some cute little sandals for a dollar. Being the sucker that I am we got them. (Now, they will match at least one of Mil's Sunday dresses, so not totally frivolous, the only problem is there's snow on the ground:)

When we got home Camille was dying to wear her shoes. (She actually took her nap with them on).
I helped her get them on and she said, "Oh something is hurting."
My reply was, "Where is it hurting?"
"Right here," pointing to the strap.
"Oh, well let me fix that strap," I apparently need a lesson on using Velcro.
"No, it's okay if they are hurting. I can still wear them!" Spoken like a true women. Who hasn't sacrificed foot comfort for fashion?


Lee and Melody said...

That's my girl, Mil. I still have a scar from a pair of plastic sandals I wore (once) 15 years ago. No price too high, right? :)

Our Family said...

What a cutie!