Monday, October 26, 2009

Wanna go "camping"?

Brad and I have always enjoyed camping. It donned on us that last time we went camping was when I was pregnant with Camillie. Brad decided we were going to take the girls camping this weekend!

Yes, the tent is in our basement!

Setting up camp (I'm glad we had a tent because it was raining!)

Camille showing Dad EXACTLY where she wants her sleeping bag!

Testing it out....seems to be right!

Nattie J not sure exactly what this thing is.

Waa la the girls first camping trip! (Okay, so Natalie actually slept upstairs in her crib but the rest of us camped!)

I know you're wondering what you do when camping in the basement. Well, you watch Mulan and eat rice crispy treats (Gotta have marshmallows when camping) then turn in for the night!


Our Family said...

We love to set up 'camp' in our front room! We watch movies from the tent and eat snacks. Such fun memories!

Yvonne Anderson said...

Now that is an easy way to camp! That Camille sure does have great hair....I wonder if our girls will ever grow any??

Valerie said...

That is super cute! Great Idea

MAK said...

We have camped in the yard before but nit in the house. Maybe we will have to try that.

Didi & Jason said...

What fun! That's seriously so cool. Glad the rain didn't make you all chilly and such.