Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Well Well Well

Well, we had to dig up our well yesterday. I went out to mow (I have a jungle of a it!) and as I was unhooking a hose I noticed a considerable amount of water around the well and hydrant. It took a second for my mind to compute the fact that the water was NOT coming from the hose or the hydrant but up from underground. Luckily, our friend, Steve had just been there and I was able to con him into coming back to help assess the problem.

We ended up turning off the pump to the well so the girls and I spent the day waterless. (Poor potty training girl was having a hard time with the not flushing after she went pee.)After work Brad, Steve, and Devin dug up the ground, found a hole in one of the pipes, fixed it and got the water to the house running again! Yeah for running water. However, wet wipes come in EXTREMELY handy when you find yourself in such a situation.

The new piece of pipe

Camille was thrilled when I asked her to hold up the broken piece to get a picture.

Yes, there's a hole in the pipe.

Interestingly enough our neighbor stopped to see want Brad was doing and the same thing happened to his well and he had used the same drilling company that we had. Brad figures it's something to do with the kind of different metals in the fittings and the water causing some sort of Electrolysis or something. Well I'm just glad I've got water again!


Erin said...

Well, that's swell. I'm welling up just thinking about it! And please don't think that you had to con Steve into helping. He would help you guys no matter what!

Didi & Jason said...

Wow that's a bummer. Glad you got it all figured out. Your grass is lookin great! I'm jealous!!

MAK said...

How cool is it that you were able to fix it without calling a perfeshanel that would have coast alot of money.

Lee and Melody said...

Wow, we're glad you have water again and we feel like crappy friends for not being around to help when you needed it! Ha ha, I love that Camille's got her little attitude thang goin' on. 2 going on 13...