Sunday, May 17, 2009

Blessing Day

We blessed Natalie today during church. When we blessed Camille we just did a private family blessing on a Saturday night so this was a fun experience for me. She looked SO cute in the beautiful dress my mama made her! Since it was such a nice day we had a great picnic type lunch with everyone at Brad's parents.

Here are a million pictures!

This one just makes me go "ahhh"

My Grandma Hart use to say that if a baby sleep with their hands up that they were healthy and happy.

I really love this dress!

For some reason it was really hard to get a good family picture. Not the photographer's fault more the subjects!

One proud Mama

Happy to be with Grandma and Grandpa W

Looks like she's trying to act like a little bunny or something


Didi & Jason said...

ah how cute! That dress is sooo adorable! Today was a perfect day for a blessing and family fun

Lee and Melody said...

That really is a beautiful little dress. Myrna rocks. And those are darling pictures of miss Natalie!

Barb said...


charlesfam said...

She is gorgeous! Her dress is beautiful. Your mom has so many amazing talents.

Torrie said...

Karen she is so cute and yes she looked adorable at church. that is funny about sleeping with the arms up, my grandma says that too! I like your mom even more now that I see the work she did on that dress, awesome!

Jessica said...

She is beautiful. You have such beautiful babies.