Saturday, November 1, 2008

Merlin's Beard!

What a fun Halloween. Camille got to spend the day with Grandma Hart so Mom could go substitute. Camille was more excited to see Aunt Valerie then Mom when they both walked through the door about the same time. We hung out with at the Harts for awhile then had to head to Grandma and Grandpa Wilding's to show off Camille. The evening was pretty uneventful. We got a total of 7 trick or treaters at our house. (So, glad I bought 3 bags of candy!) It was one of the nicest, warmest Halloweens I can remember. We took Camille to the neighborhood trunk or treat just for something to do.
Princess Jazmin and the wizard. Isn't Val's costume awesome? That's the work of the Myrninator. (She made an Aladdin for Spencer but he couldn't be bothered to show up to get his picture taken.)Eating bread, not candy!

One happy wizard

Checkin' out her loot. (Thanks for supplying the bucket Donna Bomba)
The stash....Mom and Dad are sure going to enjoy it :)


Audrey said...

She is so darn cute. I just love the costume. She looks like she has gotten a lot taller, maybe it is the wizard's spell or costume or something.

Kacie and Jake C. said...

The cutest little wizardess I have ever seen. I'm jealous of her pumpkin bucket ;)