Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Past, Present, and Future

20 years ago - 1988
-I was in second grade. Mrs. Hillar's class.
-My brother Gregory was born on the first day of school. I remember I wore my gray corduroy skirt and a white shirt with snaps. I thought it was SO cute.
-I did a lot with my brother, Marshall.
-I loved watching Reading Rainbow.

10 years ago -1998
- Moved into my Grandfather's house with my family.
- Started my senior year in high school.
- Started working at Western Wats.
- Hung out with "the girls" every chance I got.
-Found fun ways to stay entertained: sleepovers, rope-pulls across the road, bridge jumping, etc.
-Was sick of high school boys so I started dating college "men".

5 years ago-2003
-Celebrated my 1st anniversary.
-Went to Hawaii with Brad.
-Starting working as Assistant Manager at Main Street while still working as Assistant Manager at Western Wats.
-Working towards my Bachelor degree in Education.

3 years ago -2005
-Fell in love with teaching.
-Graduated from BYU-I with a BS in Social Studies Education.
- When to Europe with Brad.
-Got a job at Rigby Junior High.
-Move in with my in-laws while we were building our home.

1 year ago- 2007
- Celebrated my 5th anniversary.
-Started going to a book club.
-When to Alaska with Brad.
- Had a beautiful baby girl.
-Got a treadmill.
-Put in as 2nd Counselor in the Primary.

So far this year - 2008
- Enjoying being home.
-Learned how to sprout.
-Started going to Lunch bunch.

Yesterday -
-I spent some time with my Mom.
-Helped out at Cub Scouts.

Today -
-I'm trying a new recipe.
-Undertaking a new craft project for Millie.
-Starting a new Journal.
-Feel totally blessed in my life!

The Rest of 2008-
-Going to Nauvoo.
- We're going to get a lawn started.

Beyond 2008 -
-Continue to travel -(we need to go to all 50 states and 7 continents).
-Wishing to start a Master's program.
-Will go on a cruise.
-Continue adding to our family.
-Build another home.


Barb said...

I'm so jealous of all your traveling! I'm glad you have Brad that likes to travel everywhere!!! Thanks for sharing.

Amy said...

So sweet, Karen!