Sunday, November 11, 2007

I was tagged!

I was tagged which means I'm suppose to post six things not commonly known about me.

Six things not commonly know about me...Mmmm my life is pretty much an open book...

1. I LOVE to sing,but not in public! (I'm not saying that I can sing but I LOVE to sing) You know in the movies when they are watching people through the windows sing and dance in their kitchens with their brooms. Let's just say that happens at my house more often then I'd like to admit! I think I was a pop star in a former life.

2. As a lot of you may know I won a poetry contest in high school and have had two of my poems published. However, it's been a long time since I've written anything new. The other day I found a folder of my poems and was reminded of the parable where the servant buries his talent, so I've put all of my poems in a book (portfolio of sorts) and decided I'm going to take a little time each week to work on poetry.

3. I've never really liked the name Camille. Ironic, now that I have a daughter named Camille. I just never had it on the "list" of names I wanted to use. The only way I agreed with Brad to use it was if we didn't let people call her Cami. Now, I love the name Camille. I think it's beautiful and we've come up with a list of nicknames that are way better then Cami: Millie, Mil, Camel (Kacie's Fav), Chamomile, Mckillie, Sweet Potato (well we are Idahoan), Vanillie, etc.
4. I wish I wasn't afraid of E.T. but I am. I don't like to watch the movie, I don't like to see pictures, I don't like to think about him. (Everyone is thinking "DUH Karen we know this") I don't think anyone could have convinced me to ride an E.T. ride. However, I went on the E.T. ride at Universal Studios in Florida with Brad and I had my eyes opened most of the time. I think that shows just how brave I can be!

5. I love to put my feet on people, especially when I sleep. My sister, Vicky, use to hate it and would tell me I was disgusting but I'd do it to her anyway. (Hey, what are sisters for?)

6. I like living in Idaho. In fact, I'd be happy to live here until I die. Okay, so I confess sometimes I dream about moving. Lately, I've been thinking about moving to Virginia. We spent some time there last summer because of Brad's job and I really took a liking to it. I seriously would consider moving there. It's a great place and close to a lot of historical sites. The only downside is there are too many people. (Okay, I was having trouble coming up with six things but this is true even though it's more of a daydream.)
(Washington D.C. Temple)
It took me a couple days but I did it. Six things, this was challenging. I was up part of last night because I couldn't think of the last one. Okay, Kacie, Karlie, Erin, and Barb it's your turn!!


Barb said...

That is THE cutest picture of Millie! (My personal favorite nickname for her!)

thedeanfamily said...

Remember when we gave you an ET sucker and stuck that picture of ET in your book during class and you about lost your cookies...that was HILARIOUS...good times!

Karen said...

OH how could I forget!! It was pretty funny. I guess I deserve it for throwing seaweed at you!

Cartwright Family said...

Virginia, I think not. My personal favorite nickname is Camel, but I don't think it will fly. ET, that was hilarious. Hve fun in Washington.