Monday, March 11, 2013

Anyone want some cake?

Between Feb 17th and Feb 19th we celebrate two birthdays at our house which equates to a lotta cake.

We made Brad a bulldozer cake which we named the "Bradapillar". It was a hit and I'm pleased with how it turned out.
Brad with his present. (Don't worry I pick out a Blu Ray player for him too.)

Now it's Emmie's turn:

Emily got her own "treasure" box. (She's been jealous of the ones Camille and Nattie got for Christmas.)

She got some awesome pop-up books from Cathy
And a fun Merida doll

Mil and Nat both got a little something from Cathy too
Cake time

Here are some pictures from her photo shoot.
Sometimes it's hard being 2 and having Mom want to take your picture
 I love the tears on her face
Lamby made everything better
At her check up she rocked the scales at 25.5 pounds (30%) and measured up to 36.5 inches (97%). She's long and lean. I'd like to say she takes after me but we all know that's not true.


Yvonne Anderson said...

Fantastic cake....I'm totally gonna steal that idea for Talon's next birthday.